Your kitchen is one of the essential rooms in your home. Most of the time, it is where you start and end your day with your family. It’s also a place where you can invite friends for meals or ask them to help you out.

Regardless of the reason, your kitchen is an essential common space in your house. Therefore, we recommend that you design it according to your design preferences and needs. For those who have just bought their home or are still looking for land for sale in Buderim to build their home, here are some of the trendiest kitchen design elements to add to your interior. 


Monochromatic All the Way

If you are going for a modern or minimal kitchen design, then monochrome is the best way to go. Stick with black, white, and gray colors to use in your kitchen. However, you can also add a pop of something light to balance the color tones, such as wooden tiles on the floor. 

However, if you’re still going for either black or white floors, add earth tones to your furniture. Don’t be afraid to go dark or even black as long as you are one with your space. 


Storage, Storage, and More Storage

This is one of the best solutions to large kitchen spaces – create a butler’s pantry in one wall to maximize your space. A large kitchen may seem overwhelming to design; however, if you focus on adding and creating storage solutions, it will be a relief to have a large kitchen.

You can add pull-out shelves, multi-level organizers, and you can even add a few more appliances like dishwashers. The best part of having a butler’s pantry in your kitchen is you get to hide the chaos, so invest in quality cabinetry


Add Texture in the Room

Being ready to go bold with colors could also mean that you’re prepared to explore prints and texture for your kitchen. So, make sure to look into textiles, tiles, and even accessories that you can bring in your space. 

You can add wood, brick, or even raw materials to add depth and texture to your space. Don’t be afraid to balance it with neutral colors or even plain countertops. 


Go with Bright Colors

We’re not saying to go bold and paint a wall yellow, but if you want to do it, then do it! However, if you’re still experimenting with colors, then you can start by injecting bright coloured appliances in your kitchen. 

Imagine retro appliances in pastel colors with white or neutral countertops and walls. This is a perfect way to change your kitchen’s look without spending a lot on changing its structure. 


Kitchen Island AND Dinner Table

Talk to your designer or find a home where you design your kitchen and use your island and a dinner table, too. This is very much practical for small kitchen spaces if you love to entertain, cook with others, and, of course, share your meals!

Are you excited to get your kitchen revamped or planning to add new elements to your kitchen? Try these tips now!